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Massages: Aroma Therapy Customized Massage 50, 80, 100 minute ($79+): Aroma therapy is a key element to Aveda treatments.  Your Massage Therapist will walk you through which aroma is right for you, through our aroma sensory journey.  You will then enjoy your customized massage, where you can choose the pressure and whether you want to focus on one area of the body or you would like a full body massage, it is customized to you and your needs. 

Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage 75 minute ($149): Enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan Salt. We heat hand carved Himalayan Salt stones for a full body relaxing massage experience. Our Himalayan salt contains over 84 trace minerals essential to the human body, and has been found to even help lessen the effects of insomnia among many other benefits. 

Express Massage 25 minute ($50): Massage is important even when you are busy. This massage is great when you need a massage and are short on time. You choose what you want to focus on and our Massage Therapists will customize your 25 minute express massage.

Mom to Be Massage 50, 80, or 100 minute ($80+): Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. Some of the changes to a woman's body can greatly befit from massage. Massage is not only safe but good for an expecting mother. Let us take care of you during this special time in your life.

Thai Reflexology 50 minute ($75): Enjoy a personalized aroma sensory journey and foot scrub, then your Massage Therapist will use a traditional Thai Stick to release life's tension and stress with pressure on key points of the feet to produce a feeling of balance, clam, relaxation and well-being.

Facials: 50, 80 minute Anti-Aging ($80+) We use only the best products in every step of your facial. Cleanse, Hydrate and Glow. Our facials also include a face, neck and shoulder massage.

Back Facial: 50 minute ($80) Just like a facial, but for your back. Also includes a mini back massage.

Salt Scrub: 50 minute ($90) The Salt Scrub is a delightful sensory journey of its own. Aromatherapy will envelope you during this full body exfoliation treatment. Which promotes healthy skin as well as being beneficial to the circulatory system. A Vichi shower rinse and light massage with a moisturizer leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin glowing.

Spa Memberships also available. Check out the Memberships tab above to see why our Spa Memberships are not your ordinary membership. Join The Society!

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Wellness Services

Soul Sessions with Casey: 120 minute ($149) During a Soul Session Casey helps you determine where you are currently at and helps you create a path for where you want to go. There is a way to work with passion and stay connected to your soul's purpose, which will bring you a new sense of success that you have never felt before. Don't let the walls close in on you and life pass you by. Stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion do not need to be part of your everyday feelings. You deserve to feel empowered and have freedom and passion as part of your life! 

Healing Sessions with Hollie: 60 minute  Hollie Hope loves life and embraces experiencing the fullness of it, both the positive, shining moments, as well as times of darkness. We are so excited to have Hollie as a part of our team here at the Society! Hollie does healing sessions here to help you to identify and release trapped negative filters, beliefs and traumas in order to allow a new level of self-awareness and permanent results.

Her passion in life is the honor to assist individuals from pain and disconnection with others, to freedom from self-sabotage, suppressed feelings and toxic emotional habits that most often we are oblivious to. The wonderful part is we can achieve a clear perspective without dwelling on pain or drudging up the past in a long drawn out process.

Come and find out how Hollie can help you embrace the universe within you! 

Events: Also check the Events page on our website for a list of the monthly classes we host to inspire and empower you to be the best you can be!

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Packages & Spa Days

Recharge Spa Day $260-4 hours. Body Glow, Aromatherapy Custom Massage, Anti-Aging Facial, Lunch, Tea, Infrared Sauna.

Relaxation Spa Day $159-2.5 hours. Anti-Aging Facial, Aromatherapy Custom Massage, Tea, Infrared Sauna.

Spa Soul Retreats $375-4 hours. Experience an empowering Soul Retreat to transform your life. Heal from past relationships, let go of old patterns holding you back and grow into who you were meant to be. Soul Retreat Itineray: Intention Ceremony, Healing Massage, Sanctuary Journal Experience, Chakra Balancing, Your Story Journey, Transformation Plan.

Let us help you plan a Girlfriend Getaway or Bridal Spa Party! Need a space for your next event? Ask us about our gorgeous studio rental.

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